There is a new wave of apps that will help you get back in the mood for spring and drop a few winter pounds. These will make fitness more easily manageable and maybe even a little more fun.

Breeze is popular on the iOS and it’s free. It is a step counter based on the notion that everyone should take 10,000 steps every day in order to stay in good shape. The app also automatically adjusts your daily limit in order to keep things fresh and interesting.

Breeze will let you know when you are on track to hit your numbers, if you are behind for the day, or even if you are walking more than usual. The apps interface is easy to use and the notifications are motivational and cheerful in flavor. Although the app is great it only works on the iPhone 5 or later models of iOS devices.

If you are an Android user Runtastic’s Pedometer app is one to take a look at. The interface is a bit more to deal with compared to Breeze but it also has more features. The app is free so check it out. Given that Android devices are a bit more varied the user’s experience will vary. You have nothing to lose so get running!

Lose It, a free iOS app, is a better fit for people looking for serious weight loss. An exercise and calorie tracker as well as a fitness and dietary coach, Lose It tries to be the full weight loss package. The app is also its own social network in case users need support. When you first fire up the app you enter your weight and your target weight then the app suggests a fitness and diet regimen that will assist in reaching your goal. Once this is in place all you need to do is following instructions and log your meals and exercise. Don’t worry the app will let you know how you are doing.

Lose It isn’t a step counter and requires more out of its users. The app will help you stay on track and prompt you when you are slipping. If peer pressure is needed it will use the social network to apply pressure to keep you losing weight.

The app includes a caloric database that will help identify what meals are better choices without having to do a ton of research. This interface includes a bar code scanner for faster access and connects to third party apps like FitBit and Up making weight loss that much easier.

Although Lose It is free to download not all features are free. You will need to pay for tracking your steps, body fat measurements, as well as analytics that track where your calories are coming. The app isn’t considered bossy by most users and has many positive reviews claiming the opposite.